Display Quality (still image)

You can change the display quality.

  1. MENU(Setup) → [Finder/Monitor][Display Quality] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Displays in high quality.
Displays in standard quality.


  • If the viewfinder displays flickering (moiré patterns or jaggies) in fine lines, etc., this may be improved by selecting [High].


  • When [High] is set, battery consumption will be higher than when [Standard] is set.
  • When the temperature of the camera rises, the setting may become locked to [Standard].
  • When [Finder Frame Rate] is set to [Higher], [Display Quality] becomes locked to [Standard].
  • When “-” is displayed as the setting value for [Display Quality], you cannot view or change the setting. Set [Finder Frame Rate] to [High] or [Standard] to change the setting for [Display Quality].