Illustration of the side view of the camera

  1. (Microphone) jack

    When an external microphone is connected, the built-in microphone turns off automatically. When the external microphone is a plugin-power type, the power of the microphone is supplied by the camera.

  2. (Headphones) jack
  3. USB Type-C terminal
  4. Charge lamp
  5. Multi/Micro USB Terminal*

    This terminal supports Micro USB-compatible devices.

  6. Speaker
  7. LAN terminal
  8. HDMI type A jack
  9. (Flash sync) terminal
  10. Hooks for shoulder strap

    Attach both ends of the strap onto the camera.

  11. SLOT 1 (Memory card slot 1)
  12. SLOT 2 (Memory card slot 2)

* For details on compatible accessories for the Multi/Micro USB Terminal, visit the Sony website, or consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.

Notes on USB terminals

You can use either the USB Type-C terminal or the Multi/Micro USB Terminal for USB communications. However, you cannot conduct USB communications with both terminals simultaneously. Use the USB Type-C terminal to supply power and charge the battery pack. This camera cannot be powered via the Multi/Micro USB terminal.

  • You can use accessories for the Multi/Micro USB Terminal, such as a remote commander (sold separately), while supplying power or performing remote shooting using the USB Type-C terminal.

Notes on the terminal cover

Ensure that the terminal cover is closed before use.

Notes on the cable protector

Use the cable protector to prevent the cable from being disconnected when shooting images with a cable connected.

To attach the cable protector

  1. Open the HDMI terminal cover and the USB terminal cover.

  2. Attach the cable protector as illustrated so that it fits the shape of the terminal surface of the camera.
    • Attach the cable protector with the open covers of the HDMI terminal and the USB terminal inserted into the slit of the cable protector.

    Illustration showing how to attach the cable protector

  3. Push in the attachment screw (A) and turn it to secure the cable protector.
  4. Insert the cable into one of the jacks.
  5. Insert the cable into the holding part and then secure the cable with the fixing dial (B).

    Illustration showing how to secure the cable

To remove the cable protector

Loosen the attachment screw, and then remove the cable protector.