Remote shooting with a wired LAN (Remote Camera Tool)

Remote Camera Tool is software for remote shooting using a wired LAN. You can change the camera settings and shoot images from a computer by connecting the camera to a computer or switching hub using a LAN cable.

  1. MENU → (Network) → [Wired LAN][Wired LAN Connect][On].
  2. MENU (Network) → [Cnct./Remote Sht.][Remote Shoot Function][Remote Shooting][On].
  3. Connect the camera and the computer using a LAN cable.
  4. Configure the required LAN settings.
  5. Launch Remote Camera Tool on the computer to perform remote shooting.

For details on how to install and use Remote Camera Tool, refer to the following URL:


  • When shooting continuously using [Remote Shoot Function], the update interval of the live view display on the computer may become longer.