Enjoying more natural sound with speakers installed in the ceiling (In-Ceiling Speaker Mode)

Set whether or not to use in-ceiling speaker mode with the current input.
In a setup where the front and center speakers are installed in the ceiling, lowering the audio output position to the screen height allows you to enjoy a more natural experience.
  1. Select [Setup] - [Audio Settings] from the home menu.
  2. Select [In-Ceiling Speaker Mode].
  3. Select [On].


  • This function does not work in the following cases:
    • A speaker pattern with the front high speakers is selected.
    • Headphones are connected.
    • [Bluetooth Mode] is set to [Transmitter].
    • The Wireless Surround function is activated.
    • [Pure Direct] is set to [On].
    • The Wireless Multi Room function is activated.
    • [DSD Native] is set to [On] and a DSD file is played back.
  • This function does not work if you select a sound field other than the following:
    • 2ch Stereo
    • Multi Ch Stereo
  • This function does not work when [Direct] is being used and analog input is selected.
  • This function may not work depending on the audio format.
  • The receiver may play signals at a lower sampling frequency than the actual sampling frequency of the input signals depending on the audio format.


  • You can also select [In-Ceiling Speaker Mode] in [Sound Effects] from the home menu.
  • To obtain the optimal sound for your listening environment, configure the [Ceiling Speaker Height] setting in the [Speaker Settings] menu, then perform Auto Calibration.