Connecting 3.1-channel speaker system with Zone 2 and Zone 3 connections

Connect each speaker as illustrated below.

Before connecting cables, be sure to disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead).

For details on how to connect speaker cables to the receiver, see “How to connect speaker cables.”

Monaural audio cable (not supplied)

Speaker cable (not supplied)

After you have connected the Zone 3 speakers, set [Surround Speaker Assign] to [Zone3] in the [Speaker Settings] menu.


  • You can only enable the SPEAKERS ZONE 2 terminals if you set [SURROUND BACK/ZONE2 Priority] to [ZONE2 Terminals] in the [Speaker Settings] menu, and set [Zone2 Power] to [On] in the [Zone Controls] menu.
  • You can only set [Surround Speaker Assign] if the speaker pattern is set to a setting that does not have surround speakers.
  • Only audio signals from [USB], [Bluetooth] (while in BLUETOOTH RX mode only), [Home Network], [Music Services], [FM TUNER] and audio signals input from AUDIO IN jacks are output to the Zone 2 and Zone 3 speakers.
  • External digital input from OPTICAL IN, COAXIAL IN, HDMI IN jacks and Screen mirroring cannot be output to Zone 2 and Zone 3.