No sound or only very low-level sound is heard from the wireless speakers.

  • Depending on the input signal, you may not be able to obtain an immersive surround-sound effect.
  • Depending on the program or disc, audio signals for the surround channels may be output at a very low level.
  • When you play content that supports copyright protection technology (HDCP, etc.), it may not be output from the receiver.
  • Check the surround speaker connection by selecting [Setup] - [Wireless Surround Settings] - [Surround Speaker Connection Check].
  • Adjust the volume level of the surround speakers by selecting [Setup] - [Speaker Settings] - [Level].
  • If you have started AirPlay playback, activate the Wireless Surround function again. AirPlay playback will stop automatically and you can hear sound from the wireless speakers. You cannot use the Wireless Surround function and the AirPlay function at the same time.