Movie mode (MOVIE)

You can take advantage of surround sound simply by selecting one of the receiver’s pre-programmed sound fields. These bring the exciting and powerful sound of movie theaters into your home.

HD Digital Cinema Sound (HD-D.C.S.) is Sony’s new innovative home theater technology using the latest acoustic and digital signal processing technologies. It is based on the precise response measurement data of a mastering studio.
With this mode, you can enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies at home with not only a high-quality of sound but also the best sound ambience, just as the movie’s sound engineer intended in the mastering process.
  • Dynamic (DYNAMIC): This setting is suitable for an environment which is reverberant but lacks a spacious feel (where sound absorption is not sufficient). It emphasizes the reflection of sound and reproduces the sound of a large, classic movie theater. This emphasizes the spacious feel of a dubbing theater and creates a unique acoustic field.
  • Theater (THEATER): This setting is suitable for a general living room. It reproduces the reverberation of sound just like in a movie theater (dubbing theater). It is most appropriate for watching content recorded on a Blu-ray Disc when you want the atmosphere of a movie theater.
  • Studio (STUDIO): This setting is suitable for a living room with the appropriate sound devices. It reproduces the reverberation of sound provided when a theatrical sound source is remixed for a Blu-ray Disc to a volume level suitable for home use. The level of reflection and reverberation of sound is kept to a minimum, while dialogues and surround effects are reproduced vividly.
Pro Logic II Movie (PLII Movie):
Performs Dolby Pro Logic II Movie mode decoding. This setting is ideal for movies encoded in Dolby Surround. In addition, this mode can reproduce sound in 5.1-channel format when watching videos of overdubbed or old movies.
Pro Logic IIx Movie (PLIIx Movie):
Performs Dolby Pro Logic IIx Movie mode decoding. This setting expands Dolby Pro Logic II Movie or Dolby Digital 5.1 to 7.1 discrete movie channels.
Neo:6 Cinema (Neo6.CINEMA):
Performs DTS Neo:6 Cinema mode decoding. Sources recorded in 2-channel format are enhanced up to 7 channels. This sound field can also be selected when the Wireless Surround function is activated.
Front Surround (FRONT SUR.):
Generates virtual surround sound with only two front speakers.