System limitations

Due to some system limitations on your linear PCM recorder, you may encounter the following issues that do not indicate malfunctions.

Music files are not displayed in the sequence you expected or you cannot play them in that sequence.

The music files you transferred from a computer to your linear PCM recorder are sorted by meta-data track number or file name.

A recording file is divided automatically.

If the file size reaches the maximum limit (4 GB for an LPCM file, and 1 GB for an MP3 file) during recording, the file will be divided and some of the recording may be lost around the divided point.

All characters appear in uppercase.

Depending on the character combination, the folder name you entered on a computer may appear in uppercase on your linear PCM recorder.

Unreadable characters or appear in the folder, tile, artist, or file name.

You used the characters that your linear PCM recorder is not capable of displaying. Do not use 2-bite characters.

The A-B repeat segment you specified is not where you intended.

This may occur in some files.

The remaining recording time decreases when you divide a file.

Your linear PCM recorder uses some memory space for managing divided files, resulting in a decrease in the remaining recording time.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.