Customizing the recording settings for [My Scene]

You can customize the recording settings for [My Scene 1] or [My Scene 2] of the Scene Select function to make a recording scene that suits your preference.

  1. Use the Settings menu to set the following:

    The following recording menu items can be set.

    • REC Mode
    • Built-In Mic Sensitivity
    • Ext. Input Setting
    • Recording Filter
    • VOR
  2. Select [Scene Select] - [My Scene 1] or [My Scene 2] from the OPTION menu, and then press .
  3. Press or to select [Copy Current Settings], and then press .

    [Copy Current Recording Setting?] appears on the display window.

  4. Press or to select [Yes], and then press .


  • When a recording scene is already selected for [Scene Select], changing any of the recording settings in step 1 displays [*] next to the selected scene icon and then the message [Current Setting Not Saved. Save to My Scene?]. If you want to save the recording settings you changed, select [Yes] and then [My Scene 1] or [My Scene 2] for [Save to].

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