Recording with the built-in microphones (Auto Gain Ctrl recording)

You can record audio with the selected sensitivity level of the built-in microphones and recording mode.


  • If you accidentally touch your linear PCM recorder or let an object come in contact with it while recording is in progress, rustling or scratching noises may be recorded.


  1. Select [ Record] on the HOME menu, and then press .

    The recording standby screen is displayed on the display window.

    When the linear PCM recorder is ready for manual recording, select [Built-In Mic Sensitivity] - [Auto Gain Ctrl] from the OPTION menu.

  2. Select the memory storage (the built-in memory or the SD card) and the storage folder where you want to store recorded files.

    To store recorded files on the microSD card, you need to change the memory storage. Select [Recording Folder] on the HOME menu while recording is on standby, and then select [SD Card] on the Memory Selection screen before you start recording.

  3. Change the angle of your linear PCM recorder's built-in microphones () to adjust the directivity of the microphones.

    You can change the angle with your fingertip.

  4. Turn your linear PCM recorder so that its built-in microphones point in the direction of the target sound source.

  5. Press REC/PAUSE.

    appears on the display window to indicate that recording has started, and the recording indicator () lights in red.

    You do not need to press and hold REC/PAUSE while recording.

    While recording is in progress, the peak level () appears on the display window to indicate recording volume levels for the input sound. Adjust the orientation of the built-in microphones, the distance from the sound source, or the sensitivity setting of the microphones so that the recording volume level stays around -12 dB, which fits within the optimum range, as illustrated below.

  6. To stop recording, press STOP.

    [Saving...] and then the recording standby screen appear.

    Now you can press to play the file you have just recorded.


  • While [Saving...] is on the display window, your linear PCM recorder is saving the file to the memory storage. If the linear PCM recorder is running on AC power, do not disconnect the USB AC adaptor (not supplied) to avoid data corruption.


  • You can still press REC/PAUSE to start recording while playback is in progress or a menu is on the display window.
  • You can still press REC/PAUSE to pause the ongoing recording while a menu is on the display window.
  • Recorded files are named as [(recording date)_(recording time).(file format)] (e.g. 181010_1010.wav).
  • If the file size reaches the maximum limit (4 GB for an LPCM file, and 1 GB for an MP3 file) during recording, the file will be divided and some of the recording may be lost around the divided point.

    For the maximum recording time for a single file, see Maximum recording time.

  • While playback is in progress or on standby, you can press and hold the REC/PAUSE to make your linear PCM recorder pause for recording. This helps you adjust the recording volume level without recording unnecessary audio data.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.