Changing a file name

You can change the name of the files stored under [ Recorded Files] on the HOME menu by adding one of the prefix templates.

  1. Select the file that you want to rename.
  2. While playback is on standby, select [Change File Name] on the OPTION menu, and then press .

  3. Press or to select the desired prefix, and then press .

    [Please Wait] appears on the display window and the selected prefix and an underscore (_) will be added to the file name.

    Example ([Important] is added to the file 181010_1010.wav): Important_181010_1010.wav


  • You cannot change the name of a protected file. To change the name of a protected file, remove the protection from the file first, then change the name. For instructions on removing protection, see Protecting a file.
  • You cannot change the name of files in [ Music].

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