Recording automatically in response to the input sound volume – the VOR function

You can set your linear PCM recorder to automatically start when the input sound volume reaches the predefined level, and pause when the volume decreases below the level.

  1. While recording is on standby, in progress, or paused, select [VOR] on the OPTION menu, and then press.

  2. Pressor to select [ON], and then press.
    [VOR] is set to [OFF] by default.
  3. Press REC/PAUSE.

    appear on the display window.

When the input sound volume decreases below the predefined level, flashing appears and the recording pauses. When the volume reaches the level once again, the recording restarts.


  • The VOR function is affected by the ambient sound conditions. Select the sensitivity level of the built-in microphones suitable to your ambient sound conditions. For instructions on selecting the sensitivity level, see Selecting the sensitivity level of the built-in microphones (Built-In Mic Sensitivity).

    If the selected sensitivity level does not work as you expected or when you want make an important recording, follow the above steps to set [VOR] to [OFF].

  • During manual recording or synchronized recording, the VOR function does not work.


  • To cancel the VOR function setup process, set [VOR] to [OFF] in step 2.

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