The file you transferred from the computer does not appear on the linear PCM recorder and you cannot play the file.

  • Your linear PCM recorder is capable of displaying up to 8 folder levels.

  • Your linear PCM recorder supports the FLAC (.flac), LPCM (.wav), MP3 (.mp3), WMA (.wma), and AAC-LC (.m4a) formats. Files in other formats may not be detected by the linear PCM recorder. See the technical specifications of your linear PCM recorder.

  • Your linear PCM recorder is capable of detecting up to 5,000 folders and files all together in total. Delete unnecessary files and folders or copy some files to another microSD card or a computer and delete the files.

  • If you have created a folder or file on the computer, your linear PCM recorder may fail to detect it depending on where you created it. For more information, see Structure of folders and files.

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