Reducing noise in the playback audio to make human voices sound clearer – the Clear Voice function

The Clear Voice function reduces ambient noises to make human voices distinctive. You will hear human voices more clearly in the playback audio.

  1. While playback is on standby or in progress, select [Clear Voice] on the OPTION menu, and then press.

  2. Pressorto select [Clear Voice 1] or [Clear Voice 2], and then press.

Description of menu items

You can select one of the following items:

Turns off the Clear Voice function (default setting).
Clear Voice 1:
Reduces ambient noises and adjust loudness of human voices to the optimum level to make human voices sound more clearly.
Clear Voice 2:
Reduces ambient noises further than [Clear Voice 1] to make human voices sound much more clearly.


  • While playback with the built-in speaker or the Bluetooth audio device, or playback of the files in [ Music] is in progress, the Clear Voice function does not work.

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