Selecting a file

You can select a file from the HOME menu for playback or editing.

  1. Select [ Music] or [ Recorded Files] on the HOME menu, and then press.
  2. Select a file search category.

    Pressorto select one of the following file search categories, and then press.

    Music: [All Songs], [Albums], [Artists], and [Folders]

    Recorded Files: [Latest Recording], [Search by REC Date], [Search by REC Scene], and [Folders]

    Selecting [Folders] as the file search category displays the Memory Selection screen. Select either [Built-In Memory] or [SD Card] as the memory storage.

    If you insert the microSD card that has previously been used in another IC or linear PCM recorder, [SD Card(Other Models)] appears in addition to [SD Card].

  3. Select a list or folder from the search results, and then select a file.

    Pressorto select a list or folder, and then select the file.


  • By default, [ Recorded Files] has [FOLDER01].

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.