Recording without using the synchronized recording function

You can make music files without using the computer by recording sound/music from other equipment such as a radio cassette recorder, a tape recorder, etc. connected to the linear PCM recorder.


  • If the input audio volume is not loud enough, connect your linear PCM recorder to the headphones jack (stereo mini-jack) on the external device with an audio connection cable, and then adjust the volume of the external device while checking the peak level meters on the linear PCM recorder's display window for the recording volume level. For more information, see About the peak level meters.
  1. While no linear PCM recorder operations are in progress, connect an external device () to the (microphone) jack on the linear PCM recorder.

    Use an audio connection cable to connect the audio output jack (stereo mini-jack) on the external device and the (microphone) jack on the linear PCM recorder.

    [Ext. Input Setting] appears in the display window. If not, select [ Settings] - [Recording Settings] - [Ext. Input Setting] from the HOME menu.

  2. Press or to select [Audio IN], and then press .
    [Use SYNC REC Function to Record?] appears on the display window.
  3. Press or to select [No], and then press .
  4. Press REC/PAUSE.
    Recording of the audio from the connected device starts and appears on the display window.
  5. Start playback on the connected external device.


  • To stop recording, press STOP.

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