Deleting all the track marks in the selected file at one time

You can delete all the track marks of the selected file.

  1. Select the file from which you want to delete the track marks.
  2. Select [Delete Track Marks] - [All Track Marks] from the OPTION menu, and then press.

    [Delete All Track Marks?] appears on the display window.

  3. Pressorto select [Yes], and then press.
    [Please Wait] appears and all the track marks will be deleted at one time.


  • You cannot delete track marks from a protected file. To delete track marks from a protected file, remove the protection from the file first, then delete the track marks. For instructions on removing protection, see Protecting a file.
  • You cannot delete track marks while recording is on standby. Use the HOME menu to select the file containing the track mark that you want to delete.


  • To cancel the deleing process, select [No] in step 3, and then press.

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