Starting recording slightly in advance (PRE REC)

The Pre-recording function starts recording up to 5 seconds before you start recording. This function comes in handy when you do not want to miss the beginning of a sudden recording event, such as an interview or an outdoor recording.

A: About 5 seconds of the ongoing audio stream is buffered.

B: Press and hold REC/PAUSE to make the recorder pause for recording.


D: Recording start.

  1. While recording is on standby, select [PRE REC] on the OPTION menu, and then press .

  2. Pressorto select [ON], and then press.

    [PRE REC] is set to [OFF] by default.

  3. Select the memory storage (the built-in memory or the SD card) and the storage folder where you want to store recorded files.
  4. Press and hold REC/PAUSE.

    Your linear PCM recorder pauses for recording and up to 5 seconds of the ongoing audio stream is buffered in the recorder's memory.

    (indicates the buffered time length.)

  5. To start regular recording, press REC/PAUSE.

    Regular recording starts with the audio stream buffered in step 4 prefixed.

  6. To stop recording, press STOP.


  • If you use the built-in microphones for recording with the Pre-recording function, noises may be recorded when you press REC/PAUSE. We recommend that you use an external microphone for recording with the Pre-recording function.

  • If you stop pre-recording without starting regular recording, the buffered in the recorder's memory during the pre-recording period will be cleared.

  • To cancel the Pre-recording function, select [OFF] in step 2.

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