Parts and controls

  1. Built-in microphones

  2. Peak indicator

  3. Display window

  4. OPTION button

  5. T-MARK (track mark) button

  6. BACK HOME button

  7. STOP button

  8. REC/PAUSE (record/pause) button, recording indicator

  9. (play/enter) button (*1)

  10. Control button ( DPC (Digital Pitch Control),  A-B (repeat A-B), (review/fast backward), (cue/fast forward))

  11. (headphones) jack

  12. USB connector cover (You can find the USB connector retracted behind the cover.)

  13. VOL -/+ (volume -/+) button (*1)

  14. REHEARSAL button

  15. USB slide lever

  16. Built-in Bluetooth antenna (*2)

  17. (N-mark) (Put an NFC-enabled smartphone onto this mark to establish an NFC pairing.)

  18. Hole for attaching the tripod (No tripod is supplied with your linear PCM recorder.)

  19. (microphone) jack

  20. HOLD•POWER switch (*3)

  21. microSD card slot (The card slot is located under the cover.)

  22. Slot cover

  23. Built-in speaker

  24. Strap hole (No strap is supplied with your linear PCM recorder.)

*1 The (play/enter) button and VOL + (volume +) button have a tactile dot. Use the tactile dot as a reference when operating the linear PCM recorder.

*2 The antenna allows your linear PCM recorder to connect with Bluetooth devices. Do not cover the antenna when a Bluetooth connection is active. Otherwise, the connection may be interrupted.

*3 To restart your linear PCM recorder, slide the HOLD•POWER switch to [POWER] and hold it for 8 seconds or longer. For details, see Restarting the linear PCM recorder.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.