Changing a folder name

You can change the name of the folders for storing the files you record with your linear PCM recorder by selecting a folder name from the template.

  1. Select [ Recorded Files] on the HOME menu, and then press .
  2. Press or to select [Folders].
  3. Select [Built-In Memory] or [SD Card] on the Folders screen.
  4. Press or to select the folder which you want to rename.
  5. Select [Change Folder Name] on the OPTION menu, and then press .

  6. Press or to select the desired folder name, and then press .

    [Please Wait] appears on the display window and the folder name will be changed.


  • You cannot change the name of folders in [ Music].


  • A sequential number (01 to 10) is always added to every folder name as a suffix. If you select the folder name that already exists, additional folders with the same name will be suffixed with a sequential number (02 to 10).

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