Recording with the optimum recording volume (Rehearsal function)

If you can check the recording volume in advance, it will be easier to use the Rehearsal function for adjusting the recording volume level.

  1. While recording is on standby or your linear PCM recorder is paused for recording, press REHEARSAL on the recorder.

    [Rehearsal Mode] appears on the display window and the recording indicator flashes in red.

  2. Rehearse the loudest part of a musical composition.

    The recording volume level is automatically adjusted to avoid sound distortion at the loudest part.

    Rehearse for about 1 minute including the loudest part.

  3. Press REC/PAUSE.

    Recording starts and the recording indicator stays lit in red.

  4. To stop recording, press STOP.


  • To avoid adjusting the recording volume level based on the sounds that you may accidentally make by touching the linear PCM recorder, the recording volume level is not adjusted in the first and last 3 seconds of the Rehearsal Mode period.


  • If you press BACK/HOME while your linear PCM recorder is in Rehearsal Mode, it will exit Rehearsal Mode and pause for recording.

  • If you press STOP while your linear PCM recorder is in Rehearsal Mode, it will exit Rehearsal Mode and be placed on standby for recording.

  • During synchronized recording, you cannot use the Rehearsal function. Turn off the synchronized recording function. For more information about the synchronized recording function, see Recording audio from an external device with the synchronized recording function (SYNC REC).

  • When [Auto Gain Ctrl] is selected for [Built-In Mic Sensitivity], you cannot use the Rehearsal function. Select [Yes] when [Change Sensitivity Setting to Manual to Start Rehearsal Mode?] appears on the display window.

  • You can also use the Rehearsal function on the smartphone app, REC Remote.

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