Copying music files from a computer to the linear PCM recorder

You can copy music and audio files (FLAC (.flac) / LPCM (.wav) / MP3 (.mp3) / WMA (.wma) / AAC-LC (.m4a)) from a computer to your linear PCM recorder by drag and drop.

  1. Connect the linear PCM recorder to the computer.
  2. Copy the folder containing music files to the linear PCM recorder.

    Open the Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac) and drag and drop the folder containing music files to the REC_FILE folder or the MUSIC folder.

    Your linear PCM recorder is capable of storing up to 199 files per folder and up to 5,000 folders and files on the built-in memory and the microSD card all together in total.

  3. Disconnect the linear PCM recorder from the computer.

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