Features of REC Remote

With REC Remote installed on a smartphone, you can connect to your linear PCM recorder via a Bluetooth connection and:

  • start/stop recording

  • turning on/off the Rehearsal function

  • check/adjust the recording volume levels

  • add track marks

  • change the recording settings


  • REC Remote is merely an app designed for audio recording. You cannot use it for playback or sound monitoring during recording. To play recorded audio files, operate your linear PCM recorder.
  • With REC Remote, you cannot play music files stored on a smartphone or transfer them to your linear PCM recorder.
  • To connect your linear PCM recorder and REC Remote via a wireless connection, you need the latest version of REC Remote. When the smartphone already has REC Remote installed, update it to the latest version.


  • Bluetooth wireless technology allows connection at distance of up to about 10 meters (33 feet). However, the effective range may vary depending on obstructions (people, metals, wall, etc.) or signal status.
  • While a Bluetooth connection is established, your linear PCM recorder will still be turned off by its Auto Power Off function if it is left unused for the specified period of time.

    To change the Auto Power Off setting, select [ Settings] - [Common Settings] - [Auto Power Off] from the HOME menu, and then select the desired time period.

  • For the Bluetooth settings on a smartphone, refer to the manual supplied with the smartphone.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.