Switching the memory storage to keep recording (Cross-Memory REC)

You can turn on the Cross-Memory REC function to automatically switch the storage for recorded files to the alternate memory storage and keep recording when the capacity of the built-in memory or the microSD card is used up.

  1. While recording is on standby, select [Cross-Memory REC] on the OPTION menu, and then press .

  2. Press or to select [ON], and then press .
    [Cross-Memory REC] is set to [OFF] by default.

When the capacity of the current memory storage is used up, the message [Continue REC in Other Memory] appears on the display window, [CROSS_MEM] is created on the alternate memory storage as the folder used for the Cross-Memory REC function, and then the rest of the current recording is saved in a new file with a new file name.


  • If the alternate memory storage has no free capacity left, a message appears and recording stops.

  • The Cross-Memory REC function will not work if you insert a microSD card while recording is in progress.
  • When the Cross-Memory REC function is turned on, some of the recording may be lost after the memory storage is switched.


  • To turn off the Cross-Memory REC function, select [OFF] in step 2.
  • To continuously play the divided files recorded with the Cross-Memory REC function, select [Search by REC Date] or [Search by REC Scene] when you select a file search category. The divided files will be displayed next to each other.

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