Notes on the headphones

Road safety

Do not use headphones in the following situations.

  • While you are driving a car or riding a motorcycle or bicycle.
  • Places where impaired hearing is dangerous. For example, on train platforms, in areas where there is vehicle traffic, or near construction sites.

Preventing hearing damage

Observe the following to protect your hearing.

  • Keep the volume at a moderate level. Do not listen to audio content at high volumes for an extended period of time.
  • Do not turn up the volume suddenly.

About the in-ear headphones

  • When you use in-ear headphones with a high degree of adhesion, note the following. Otherwise, you may damage your ears or eardrums.

    • Do not insert the earbuds forcefully into your ears.
    • Do not remove the earbuds from your ears suddenly. When you take off the headphones, move the earbuds up and down gently.
  • Do not sleep while you are wearing headphones.

Consideration for others

Avoid using the player in environments where sound leakage will disturb others.

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