Confirming statuses from the lamps on the player

When the player is not on your ears, the lamps inform you of the condition of the player.

When the Bluetooth function is off

The lamps ( and ) indicate the statuses of the player and the batteries. The lamps ( and ) have various colors and flashing patterns.


While the player is inside the charging case, the batteries of the player charge automatically from the charging case. The lamps ( and ) light up. When charging is finished, the lamps ( and ) turn off.

When you charge the batteries at an ambient temperature outside the range of 5 °C to 35 °C (41 ºF to 95 ºF), the lamps ( and ) flash twice repeatedly.

When you remove the player from the charging case (Power on)

The player is building a database. The lamp () flashes.

The player is turned on. The lamps ( and ) flash twice.

The batteries are low. The lamps ( and ) flash for 15 seconds after the above pattern.

When the batteries are depleted

The batteries are depleted. The player turns off after 12 seconds.

When you leave the player outside the charging case without playing music for more than 5 minutes (Power off)

The lamps ( and ) light up for 2 seconds, and then the player turns off.

When you connect the player to a computer via the charging case

Either of the following operations is in progress.

  • Data is currently transferring from the computer to the player.
  • The player is building a database after you transferred music to the player.

The lamp () flashes. Do not disconnect the player and the charging case from the computer.

The system software of the player is updating.

An error occurred while the system software of the player was updating. The lamp () flashes. Update the system software again.

When you put the player on your left ear or on both ears, you will hear the voice guidance: Please update the software

When the Bluetooth function is on

The lamp () indicates the status of the Bluetooth connection. It also has various flashing patterns. Only the lamp () indicates the status of the Bluetooth function.

Pairing is in progress

The player is pairing with a Bluetooth device.

The player is waiting for a connection

The player is waiting for a connection (The batteries are low)

The player is connected to a smartphone

The lamp ( ) turns off after 5 seconds.

When you receive a call

The connected smartphone is receiving a call.


  • In this case, the player will turn on, but the lamps ( and ) will not light up. To reduce the battery consumption, do not cover the proximity sensors with your hands.

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