Switching the earbuds to Swimming Earbuds

Use Swimming Earbuds when you swim.

  1. Select the appropriate Swimming Earbuds.

    The standard-type earbuds are attached when you purchase the player.

    The standard-type earbud has an open hole ().

    The holes in Swimming Earbuds are covered with a thin film (). This prevents water from getting inside.

  2. Select Swimming Earbuds with the appropriate size.

    4 different sizes (S/M/L/LL) are supplied.

    Select a size with a slightly tighter fit than the standard-type earbuds.

    Select the appropriate size for each ear.

  3. Attach Swimming Earbuds to the player.

    There are 2 mounting positions for the earbuds: and . At the time of purchase, they are installed in position . Adjust the mounting position so that the player fits into your ears.

    Secure the earbuds firmly to the headphone sections to prevent the earbuds from detaching and remaining inside your ears.


  • When the earbuds become worn, contact the nearest Sony dealer or Sony Service Center.
  • If the earbuds become dirty, remove them from the player. Then, hand-wash the earbuds with a neutral detergent. After you wash the earbuds, drain off the water and reattach the earbuds.
  • If the player does not fit your ears even after you have adjusted the mounting position of the earbuds, you can replace the arc supporters.

Instructional video

The following movie shows you how to attach or detach the Swimming Earbuds.


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