Resetting and reformatting the player

This operation has the following effects on the player.

  • The configurations of various settings are reset to the factory preset values.
  • Bluetooth pairing information is deleted.
  • Data in the memory of the player is deleted (music data, pre-installed data, and so on).

Before you perform this operation, save a backup copy of important data.

  1. Pause playback.
  2. Make sure that the Bluetooth function is off.
  3. Hold down the button () for 15 seconds.

    The lamp () will flash slowly.

  4. Release the button ().

    The lamp () will light up.

  5. Press the button () twice quickly within 30 seconds after the lamp () lights up.

    The color of the lamp () will change.
    If you do not press the button () twice quickly within 30 seconds, reformatting will be canceled.

  6. Press the button () while the lamp () is lit up.

    The lamp () will flash quickly and reformatting will start. When reformatting is complete, the lamp () and the player turn off.


  • While the Bluetooth connection is active, you cannot reformat the memory of the player.
  • Sony does not guarantee performance if you reformat the memory of the player using a computer.

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