Playing music from a smartphone

You can play music that is stored on a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

  1. While both units of the player are on your ears, hold down the button () for 2 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth function.

    The player will connect to the last connected smartphone automatically. Then, you will hear voice guidance.

  2. Press the button () to start playback.

    Playback of music from the smartphone will start. To pause playback, press the button ().


  • If the playback volume is too low or barely audible, adjust the volume on the smartphone. If the volume is still too low, raise the volume on the player.
  • To listen to music stored on the player while the player is connected to a smartphone, press the button () 3 times quickly to switch to the Player Mode.
  • If you turn off the player while the Bluetooth function is active, the Bluetooth function will turn on automatically the next time you turn on the player.
  • If the voice guidance is too loud for playing back music, try the following.
    • Turn down the volume on the player, and then turn up the volume on the smartphone.


  • Depending on the smartphone or the app, you may not be able to play the music with the player. In this case, play the music by operating the smartphone.
  • Depending on the Bluetooth device, network environment, and surrounding conditions, you may hear noise, or the sound may be interrupted.

Instructional video

The following movie shows you how to play music on a smartphone.

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