Peaking Display

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

Sets the peaking function, which enhances the outline of in-focus areas during shooting with Manual Focus or Direct Manual Focus. When shooting a movie, you can also use the peaking function with auto focus.

  1. MENU → (Focus) → [Peaking Display] → Select a menu item and set the desired parameter.

Menu item details

Peaking Display:
Sets whether to display peaking. ([On] / [Off])
Peaking Level:
Sets the level of enhancement of in-focus areas. ([High] / [Mid] / [Low])
Peaking Color:
Sets the color used to enhance in-focus areas. ([Red] / [Yellow] / [Blue] / [White])


  • Since the product recognizes sharp areas as in focus, the effect of peaking differs, depending on the subject and lens.
  • The outline of in-focus ranges is not enhanced on devices connected via HDMI.