You can assign ratings to recorded images on a scale of the number of stars (-) to make it easier to find images.

  1. MENU(Playback) → [Selection/Memo][Rating].
    The image rating selection screen will appear.
  2. Press the left/right sides of the control wheel to display an image to which you want to assign a rating, and then press the center.
  3. Select the level of (Rating) by pressing the left/right side of the control wheel, and then press the center.
  4. Press the MENU button to exit the rating setting screen.

To set ratings when shooting still images

Assign [Add Rating ()] through [Add Rating ()] to the desired keys using [Custom Key/Dial Set.] in advance and press the custom keys after shooting a still image. You can set the rating for the last shot still image.

  • Ratings cannot be set when shooting movies.


  • You can also assign ratings when playing back images by using the custom key. Assign [Rating] to the desired key using [Custom Key Setting] beforehand, and then press the custom key while playing back an image to which you want to assign a rating. The level of (Rating) changes each time you press the custom key.
  • By specifying ratings with the [Image Jump Setting] function, you can quickly find the desired image.