Playing back still images

Plays back the recorded images.

  1. Press the (Playback) button to switch to the playback mode.

    You can touch (Playback) on the screen to switch to the playback mode.

    If the touch function icons are not displayed, swipe left or right on the monitor to display them.
    For details, refer to “Touch function icons.”

  2. Select the image with the control wheel.
    • Images shot with continuous shooting or interval shooting are displayed as one group. To play back the images in the group, press the center of the control wheel.


  • The product creates an image database file on a memory card to record and play back images. An image that is not registered in the image database file may not be played back correctly. To play back images shot using other devices, register those images to the image database file using MENU (Shooting) → [Media][Recover Image DB].
  • If you play back the images right after continuous shooting, the monitor may display an icon indicating that data is being written/the number of images left to write. During writing, some functions are not available.
  • When [Focus Frame Display] is set to [On], the focus frame at the time of shooting is displayed over played-back images. The focus frame that the camera used to focus during shooting is displayed in green. Even if multiple focus frames are displayed during shooting, only the one on which the camera actually tried to focus will be displayed during playback.
  • When [Aspect Marker Disp.] is set to [On], the aspect marker that was displayed during shooting can also be displayed over the played-back image.