Cont. Shooting

still image

Shoots images continuously while you press and hold down the shutter button.

  1. Select / (Drive Mode) of the control wheel → [Cont. Shooting].
    • You can also set the continuous shooting by selecting MENU (Shooting) → [Drive Mode][Drive Mode].
  2. Select the desired mode using the right/left side of the control wheel.

Menu item details

Continuous Shooting: Hi+ / Continuous Shooting: Hi / Continuous Shooting: Mid/ Continuous Shooting: Lo

Number of still images recordable with continuous shooting

The following table shows estimated numbers of recordable still images with [Drive Mode] set to [Continuous Shooting: Hi+]. The numbers may vary depending on the shooting conditions and the memory card.

Image Size:[L: 60M]

File Format Number of images when JPEG is selected Number of images when HEIF is selected
JPEG/HEIF (Fine) Approx. 320 images Approx. 1 000 images or more
RAW (Compressed RAW) Approx. 36 images Approx. 36 images
RAW & JPEG/RAW & HEIF (Compressed RAW)* Approx. 32 images Approx. 33 images
RAW (Uncompressed RAW) Approx. 14 images Approx. 14 images
RAW & JPEG/RAW & HEIF (Uncompressed RAW)* Approx. 13 images Approx. 13 images
RAW (Lossless compression RAW: L) Approx. 16 images Approx. 16 images
RAW & JPEG/RAW & HEIF (Lossless compression RAW: L)* Approx. 15 images Approx. 15 images

* When [JPEG Quality]/[HEIF Quality] is set to [Fine].


  • To continuously adjust the focus and exposure during continuous shooting, set as follows:
    • [Focus Mode]: [Continuous AF]
    • [AEL w/ Shutter]: [Off] or [Auto]


  • When the F-value is greater than F22 in [Continuous Shooting: Hi+], [Continuous Shooting: Hi] or [Continuous Shooting: Mid] mode, the focus is locked to the setting in the first shot.
  • The subject is not displayed in real-time on the monitor or viewfinder when shooting in [Continuous Shooting: Hi+] mode.
  • Continuous shooting is unavailable in the following situations:
    • The shooting mode is set to [Scene Selection] and a scene other than [Sports Action] is selected.
  • The speed of continuous shooting decreases when shooting in uncompressed RAW or lossless compressed RAW.
  • The speed of continuous shooting decreases when you shoot with a flash.