Adjusting the exposure with touch operations (Touch AE)

You can automatically set the exposure based on the brightness of a point you touch.

Configure the settings as follows from MENU (Setup) → [Touch Operation] in advance:

  • [Touch Operation]: [On]
  • [Touch Panel Settings][Shooting Screen][Shooting Screen]: [On]

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Touch Operation][Touch Panel Settings][Shooting Screen][Touch Func. in Shooting] → select [Touch AE].
  2. Touch the point that you want to set as the basis for the exposure.

    The camera will set the exposure based on the brightness of the point you touched.

    • You can fine-tune the brightness with sliding the brightness adjustment bar that appears after touching.


  • The adjustment using the brightness adjustment bar is reflected in the exposure compensation value.
  • When [Touch Func. in Shooting] is set to [Touch Focus]/[Touch Tracking]/[Touch Shutter], you can select whether or not to perform [Touch AE] at the same time by pressing the left or right side of the control wheel.


  • [Touch AE] is not available in the following situations:
    • When using digital zoom function
  • If the subject is extremely bright or dark, the adjustment bar may not be sufficiently effective.