Access Authen. Settings

Encrypts communications between the camera and device when remotely shooting or transferring images using a smartphone, or when connecting via the PC remote function.

  1. MENU(Network) → [Network Option][Access Authen. Settings] → desired setting item.

Menu item details

Access Authen.:
Sets whether to encrypt communication with access authentication. ([On] / [Off])
Sets the username for access authentication.
Sets the password for access authentication.
Generate Password:
Automatically generates a password for access authentication.


  • When [Access Authen.] is set to [Off], communication is performed without SSH connection authentication or encryption, so the content may be intercepted, or the camera may be accessed by an unintended third party.
  • Before connecting the camera to a smartphone or computer, make sure that [Access Authen.] is not unintentionally set to [Off].
  • The username and password for [Access Authen. Settings] are automatically generated and set when the camera is purchased. When setting your own username and password, be careful not to be intercepted by others.
  • For the password in [Access Authen. Settings], set a character string that is long enough that it is difficult for others to guess, and keep it securely.
  • If you unmask your password when entering it, there is a risk that it will be revealed to a third party. Make sure that no one is around before unmasking.
  • Initialize the camera before lending or giving it to others.
  • For [User], set a string of alphanumeric characters/symbols of 16 characters or less.
  • For [Password], set a string of alphanumeric characters/symbols of 8 to 16 characters including both letters and numerals.