Selecting a person to track (Select Face to Track)

When the camera recognizes multiple people, you can choose which person to track.

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Operation Customize][Custom Key/Dial Set.] or [Custom Key/Dial Set.] → Assign the [Select Face to Track] function to the desired key.
    The [Select Face to Track] screen will appear, and an orange bar will be displayed below the face to be tracked.

  2. Select a face to track using the control wheel and press the center.
    The orange bar will move to the selected face. Once the selection is confirmed, exit the [Select Face to Track] screen and start tracking the selected face.


  • [Select Face to Track] is unavailable in the following situations:
    • When [Focus Mode] is set to [Manual Focus] in still image shooting mode
    • When using the Smart Zoom, Clear Image Zoom and Digital Zoom in still image shooting mode