Audio accessories compatible with the Multi Interface Shoe

If you shoot movies with an audio accessory (sold separately) attached to the Multi Interface Shoe of the camera, analog or digital audio will be recorded via the Multi Interface Shoe.
If you use an audio accessory that supports the digital audio interface, the sound signals will be transmitted in a digital format. This will allow you a wider range of recordable audio quality, such as the following.

  • High-quality audio recording with less deterioration
  • 4-channel or 24-bit audio recording

The recordable audio quality differs depending on the audio accessory. For details, refer to the instruction manual for the audio accessory.


  • You can change the audio settings for audio accessories that support the digital audio interface using [Shoe Audio Set.].


  • Movies recorded with 24-bit audio may not be played back normally on devices or software incompatible with 24-bit audio, resulting in unexpectedly loud volumes or no sound.