Playing back images on the image index screen (Image Index)

You can display multiple images at the same time in playback mode.

  1. Press the (Image Index) button while the image is being played back.
  2. Select the image by pressing the top/bottom/right/left sides of the control wheel or turning the control wheel.

To change the number of images to be displayed

MENU(Playback) → [Playback Option][Image Index] → desired setting.

Menu item details

9 Images/30 Images

To return to single-image playback

Select the desired image and press the center of the control wheel.

To display a desired image quickly

Select the bar on the left of the image index screen using the control wheel, then press the top/bottom sides of the control wheel. While the bar is being selected, you can display the calendar screen or folder selection screen by pressing the center. In addition, you can switch View Mode by selecting an icon.