SteadyShot Adjust. (still image/movie)

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

You can shoot with an appropriate SteadyShot setting for the attached lens.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [Image Stabilization][SteadyShot Adjust.] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Performs the SteadyShot function automatically according to the information obtained from the attached lens.
Performs the SteadyShot function according to the focal-length set using [ Focal Length]. (8mm-1000mm)


  • The SteadyShot function may not work optimally when the power has just been turned on, right after you point the camera towards a subject, or when the shutter button has been pressed all the way down without stopping halfway.
  • When the camera cannot obtain focal length information from the lens, the SteadyShot function does not work correctly. Set [SteadyShot Adjust.] to [Manual] and set [ Focal Length] to match the lens you are using. The currently set SteadyShot focal length will be displayed along with the (SteadyShot) icon.
  • When using an SEL16F28 lens (sold separately) with a teleconverter, etc., set [SteadyShot Adjust.] to [Manual] and set the focal length.
  • If a lens equipped with a SteadyShot switch is attached, the settings can only be changed using that switch on the lens. You cannot switch the settings using the camera.