Copyright Info

Writes copyright information onto the still images.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [File][Copyright Info] → desired setting.
  2. When you select [Set Photographer] or [Set Copyright], a keyboard appears on the screen. Enter your desired name.

    You can only enter alphanumeric characters and symbols for [Set Photographer] and [Set Copyright]. You can enter up to 46 letters.

Menu item details

Write Copyright Info:
Sets whether to write copyright information. ([On]/[Off])
  • If you select [On], a (Copyright) icon will appear on the shooting screen.
Set Photographer:
Sets the photographer name.
Set Copyright:
Sets the copyright holder name.
Disp. Copyright Info:
Displays the current copyright information.


  • A (Copyright) icon appears during the playback of images with copyright information.
  • In order to prevent unauthorized use of [Copyright Info], be sure to clear the [Set Photographer] and [Set Copyright] columns before lending out or handing over your camera.
  • Sony is not liable for problems or damages resulting from use of [Copyright Info].