Basic icons displayed on the monitor

This section describes the screen display when the shooting mode is (Program Auto).

  • The following is an example of the display when [DISP (Screen Disp) Set] is set to [Display All Info.] and the touch function icons are hidden.
  • The displayed content and positions are for reference only, and may differ from the actual display. Some icons may not be displayed depending on the camera settings.
  • For information on how to show/hide the touch function icons and examples of the touch function icon display, refer to “Touch function icons.”

During still image shooting

Illustration of the screen during still image shooting

  1. Number of still images that can be recorded on the memory card
  2. [JPEG/HEIF Switch] is set to [JPEG]. [JPEG Quality] is set to [Fine].
  3. [JPEG Image Size] is set to [L: 60M].
  4. [SteadyShot] is set to [On].
  5. [Focus Mode] is set to [Automatic AF].
  6. Remaining battery level
  7. Shutter speed
  8. Aperture value
  9. Exposure compensation
  10. [ISO] is set to [ISO AUTO].
  11. The mode dial is set to (Program Auto).
  12. [Drive Mode] is set to [Single Shooting].
  13. [Focus Area] is set to [Wide].
  14. [D-Range Optimizer: Auto] is selected.
  15. [Creative Look] is set to [ST].
  16. [Metering Mode] is set to [Multi].
  17. Displayed when [AF Illuminator] is set to [Auto] and the camera detects that the AF Illuminator is required.
  18. [White Balance] is set to [Auto].
  19. [Subject Recog in AF] is set to [On] and [Recognition Target] is set to [Human].
  20. [Shutter Type] is set to [Mechanical Shutter].
  21. [Picture Profile] is set to [Off].

During movie recording

Illustration of the screen during movie recording

  1. The mode dial is set to (Program Auto).
  2. Audio level
  3. [Focus Mode] is set to [Continuous AF].
  4. Actual shooting time of the movie
  5. The camera is in the shooting standby mode.
  6. [File Format] is set to [XAVC S HD] and [Rec Frame Rate] is set to [60p].
  7. Recordable movie time on the memory card
  8. Remaining battery level