Illustration of the bottom of the camera

  1. Battery insertion slot
  2. Lock lever
  3. Battery cover
  4. Tripod socket hole

    Supports 1/4-20 UNC screws

    Use a tripod with a screw less than 5.5 mm (7/32 inches) long. Otherwise, you cannot firmly secure the camera, and damage to the camera may occur.

Using the Grip Extension (supplied)

Greater holding ability can be achieved by attaching the Grip Extension to the camera.

How to attach the Grip Extension

  1. Align the locating pin (A) on the Grip Extension with the locating pin hole (B) on the bottom of the camera.
  2. Turn and fasten the camera fixing screw (C) while pushing it into the tripod screw hole on the camera.

Illustration showing how to attach the Grip Extension

Replacing the battery of the camera

You can replace the battery of the camera without removing the Grip Extension from the camera.

  1. Slide the LOCK/OPEN switch toward OPEN.

    The battery replacement cover will open.

  2. Insert the battery into the camera.
  3. Return the battery replacement cover to its original position and slide the LOCK/OPEN switch toward LOCK.

Be careful not to get your fingers caught when attaching the Grip Extension or when returning the battery replacement cover on the Grip Extension to its original position.


  • Attach the Grip Extension after confirming that the battery cover of the camera is closed. Make sure that the LOCK/OPEN switch of the Grip Extension is set to the LOCK position after attaching it.
  • When you attach the camera to a tripod, etc., the screw of the Grip Extension may be tightened too strongly by being tightened together with the screw section of the tripod. Do not tighten the screw further once the Grip Extension is locked in place.
  • It may not be possible to replace the battery of the camera while a tripod is attached to the Grip Extension. In such a case, remove the tripod from the Grip Extension before replacing the battery of the camera.
  • Do not hold the camera by the battery replacement cover of the Grip Extension. Doing so may cause the camera to fall.