Playing back images using slideshow (Slide Show)

Automatically plays back images continuously.

  1. MENU(Playback) → [Viewing][Slide Show] → desired setting.
  2. Select [Enter].

Menu item details

Select [On], in which images are played back in a continuous loop, or [Off], in which the product exits the slideshow when all the images are played back once.
Select the display interval for images from among [1 Sec], [3 Sec], [5 Sec], [10 Sec] or [30 Sec].

To quit the slideshow in the middle of playback

Press the MENU button to quit the slideshow. You cannot pause the slideshow.


  • During playback, you can display the next/previous image by pressing the right/left side of the control wheel.
  • You can activate a slideshow only when [View Mode] is set to [Date View] or [Folder View(Still)].