BULB Timer Settings

still image

You can set the exposure time for bulb shooting in 1-second increments. This is convenient for long-time exposure shooting in which the exposure time is predetermined.

  1. MENU(Exposure/Color) → [Exposure][BULB Timer Settings] → desired setting.

Menu item details

BULB Timer:
When set to [On], exposure is performed for the length of time set in [Exposure Time]. When set to [Off], normal bulb shooting is performed, and exposure lasts only as long as the shutter button is pressed. (On/Off)
Exposure Time:
Sets the exposure time in 1-second increments. (2 seconds to 900 seconds)


  • When [BULB Timer] is set to [On], a countdown to the end of the exposure time is displayed. When it is set to [Off], the elapsed exposure time is displayed.
  • To stop bulb shooting during the exposure period set in [Exposure Time], press the shutter button on the camera or remote control.