Focus Map

movie, slow&quick motion

When shooting a movie, areas that are in focus and areas that are out of focus are displayed so that you can visually distinguish them. Areas behind the in-focus region are indicated by dots in a cool color (A) and those in front of the in-focus region are indicated by dots in a warm color (B). Dots are not displayed in the in-focus range. Dots are not recorded in the actual movie.

Illustration showing the color range of the displayed cool and warm colors

  1. MENU (Focus) → [Focus Assistant][Focus Map] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Displays the focus map.
Does not display the focus map.


  • The focus map can also be output to an external monitor. To output the focus map to an external monitor, set [HDMI Info. Display] to [On].


  • [Focus Map] is unavailable in the following situations:
    • When [Focus Magnifier] is activated
    • While using the digital zoom function
    • While streaming
    • When using a lens that does not support phase detection AF
    • When a Mount Adaptor is attached
    • When the lens is not attached to the camera