Display as Group

Sets whether or not to display continuously shot images or images shot using interval shooting, etc. as a group.

  1. MENU (Playback) → [Playback Option][Display as Group] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Displays images as a group.
To play back the images in a group, select the group and press the center of the control wheel.
Does not display images as a group.


  • The following images are grouped.
    • Images shot with [Drive Mode] set to [Cont. Shooting] (One sequence of images shot continuously by holding down the shutter button during continuous shooting becomes one group.)
    • Images shot with [Interval Shoot Func.] (Images shot during one session of interval shooting become one group.)
  • On the image index screen, (Display as Group) icon is displayed over the group.


  • If you delete the group, all the images in the group will be deleted.