Select on Cam & Send (transferring to a smartphone)

You can transfer images to a smartphone by selecting images on the camera.

Refer to “Pairing the camera with a smartphone (Smartphone Connection) ” to pair the camera and smartphone in advance.

The following is the procedure for transferring the image currently displayed on the camera.

  1. MENU (Network) → [Cnct./PC Remote][Select on Cam & Send][Size of Sending Image], [RAW+J/H Send Target], and [Sending Target] → desired setting.
  2. Display the image to be transferred on the playback screen.
  3. MENU (Network) → [Cnct./PC Remote][Select on Cam & Send][Send][This Image].
    • You can also display the [Send] screen by pressing the (Send to Smartphone) button.
  4. Launch Creators' App on your smartphone.

    A message indicating that the transfer has started will appear.

  5. Select [OK] on the smartphone.
    The image will be transferred to the smartphone.
    • When the image is transferred, the (transferred) icon will appear on the screen of the camera.
    • You can transfer multiple images at once by selecting a setting other than [This Image] under [Send].

Menu item details

Selects images and transfers them to a smartphone. ([This Image]/[All Images in This Group]/[All with this date]/[Filtered Images]/[Multiple Images])
  • The options displayed may differ depending on the View Mode selected on the camera.
  • If you select [Multiple Images], select the desired images using the center of the control wheel, then press MENU → [Enter].
Size of Sending Image:
Selects the file size for images to be transferred to the smartphone. The original-sized JPEG/HEIF file or a 2M-equivalent JPEG/HEIF file can be transferred. ([Original]/[2M])
RAW+J/H Send Target:
Selects the file type for images to be transferred to a smartphone when the images are shot with [File Format] set to [RAW & JPEG] or [RAW & HEIF]. ([JPEG & HEIF]/[RAW]/[RAW+J & RAW+H])
Sending Target:
Sets whether to transfer the low-bit-rate proxy movie or the high-bit-rate original movie when transferring a movie to a smartphone. ([Proxy Only]/[Original Only]/[Proxy & Original])
When you select [Proxy Only], movies can be transferred faster than when transferring the original movies.
Movie with Shot Mark:
Cuts and transfers a specified number of seconds from a movie with the position of a Shot Mark set as the center. ([Cut to 60 seconds]/[Cut to 30 seconds]/[Cut to 15 seconds]/[Don't Cut])

To filter the images to be transferred (Filtered Images)

Images to be transferred can be filtered by the following conditions:

  • Target Group: [This Date]/[This Media]
  • Still Images/Movies: [All]/[Only Still Images]/[Only Movies]
  • Target Img (Rating): []-[], []
  • Target Movie (): [All]/[Only Shot Mark Mov.]
  • Target Img (Protect): [All]/[Only Protected Img.]
  • Transfer Status *: [All]/[Only Non-transfer]

    *Images transferred by selecting them on the smartphone are treated as not yet transferred.

    *When [Movie with Shot Mark] is set to an item other than [Don't Cut], even if you have already transferred a clip by using a Shot Mark and then set another Shot Mark to the movie, all of the Shot Marks will create clips which will be retransferred as not-yet transferred images.

To add a Shot Mark to a movie

If you add a Shot Mark while recording a movie, you can use it as a mark for selecting, transferring, or editing the movie. To add a Shot Mark during recording, swipe left or right on the screen to display the touch function icons, and then touch (Add Shot Mark1). You can also add a Shot Mark during playback by touching (Add Shot Mark1) on the screen.


  • To use the touch function icons, enable touch operations during shooting or playback by configuring each setting in MENU (Setup) → [Touch Operation][Touch Panel Settings].
  • Use a custom key to add a second Shot Mark (Shot Mark 2). Shot Mark 1 can also be added using a custom key. Assign the following functions to the desired keys and press the keys while shooting or playing back a movie.
    • When adding a Shot Mark while shooting a movie: assign [Add Shot Mark1] / [Add Shot Mark2] in [Custom Key/Dial Set.]
    • When adding a Shot Mark while playing back a movie: assign [Add/Delete Shot Mark1]/[Add/Delete Shot Mark2] in [Custom Key Setting]
  • For movies with a Shot Mark, you can jump to the position with the Shot Mark by touching the touch function icon while paused.


  • For images transferred by selecting them on the smartphone, the (transferred) icon will not appear.
  • Depending on the smartphone, the transferred movie may not be played back correctly. For example, the movie may not play smoothly, or there may be no sound.
  • Depending on the format of the still image, movie, slow-motion movie, or quick-motion movie, it may not be possible to play it back on a smartphone.
  • When [Airplane Mode] is set to [On], you cannot connect this product and the smartphone. Set [Airplane Mode] to [Off].