Focus Frame Display (playback)

Sets whether or not to display a focus frame around the area where the camera focused when you play back a still image.

  1. MENU (Playback) → [Playback Option][Focus Frame Display] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Does not display a focus frame during playback.
Displays a focus frame in green during playback.


  • Even if multiple focus frames are displayed at the time of shooting, only the one indicating where the camera actually focused will be displayed during playback.
  • Even if a focus frame is displayed around the face of the subject at the time of shooting, the focus frame will be displayed around the eye during playback when an eye is recognized.


  • A focus frame will not be displayed over the following images.
    • Still images shot with manual focus
    • Movies
    • Still images created with [Photo Capture]
  • The focus frame is displayed only on the single-image playback screen. The focus frame is not displayed on the image index screen or over enlarged images.
  • The focus frame is not displayed during auto reviewing.
  • If you shoot an image with a different composition after performing auto-focusing, the focus frame will appear offset from the subject.
  • Even if the focus frame is displayed, it may not be in focus to the subject.
  • Even if you turn off the focusing frame display while shooting using the [AF Area Auto Clear] or [AF-C Area Display] function, when [Focus Frame Display] is set to [On], the focusing frame will be displayed during playback.