Initial setting

Set the language, date and time when using this product for the first time.

  1. Open the LCD monitor of this product and turn the power on.
  2. Select the desired language, then select [Next].

    A: Touch the LCD monitor

  3. Select the desired geographical area with /, then select [Next].

  4. Set [Daylight Savings] or [Summer Time], select the date format and the date and time.
    • If you set [Daylight Savings] or [Summer Time] to [On], the clock advances 1 hour.
    • When you select the date and time, select one of the items and adjust the value with /.
    • When you select - , the date and time setting operation is complete.


  • The date and time are recorded automatically and can be displayed only during playback. To display them, select - [Setup] - [ Playback Settings] - [Data Code] - [Date/Time].