Controlling the image settings manually with the MANUAL ring (models with the viewfinder)

Use the functions assigned to the MANUAL button or MANUAL ring.

  1. Press the MANUAL button to switch to the manual operation mode.
    • Pressing the MANUAL button switches the operation mode between manual and automatic. (Except when [Zoom] is assigned to the MANUAL ring)

    A: MANUAL button

    B: MANUAL ring

  2. Rotate the MANUAL ring to make adjustments.


  • Manual settings will be retained even if you change the assigned item of the MANUAL ring. However, if you set [Exposure] after setting [AE Shift] manually, [Exposure] will override [AE Shift].
  • If you set either one of [Exposure], [IRIS], or [Shutter Speed], the settings of other 2 items are canceled.
  • The MANUAL ring is not available while using the Multi Camera Control function.